D2 Creative

Lucky Bucks

D2 Creative proposed a conceptual brand design for an American themed bar and grill. We appreciated that in a crowded marketplace such as this it was extremely important to stand out for all the right reasons with a strong brand and proposition.

We proposed the name ‘Lucky Bucks’ as a strong and engaging brand name that would be easily remembered. ‘Bucks’ refers to the geographical location of the restaurant in Buckinghamshire and ‘Lucky’ creates positive connotations of the dining experience.

We felt strongly that the restaurant interior should have universal appeal as well as being family friendly and inclusive. The concepts D2 Creative proposed suggested a low-key yet quality dining experience. The creative approach was inspired by the culture of the ‘Wild West’ and the design aesthetics were combined with witty copy lines that played on the name of the restaurant.

Concepts were produced as flat plans as well as 3D renders which gave the client very clear impressions of the restaurant layout produced to scale. This is a skill that we like to utilise with all interiors projects as we can accurately showcase designs and concepts.

– Identity, POS and 3D interior renders.